Pregnancy Treatments

During pregnancy it is essential to restore harmony in the mind and body. Many changes occur both physically and mentally during this time, all our staff at Urban Tonic have received specialist training to ensure you receive the safest and most appropriate treatment. 

The following treatments have been selected to help soothe, relax and rebalance during this time. Treatments recommended after the first trimester 



This unique massage is performed on a cushion of warm water which provides a luxurious and unsurpassed massage experience.
The water supports the body and the heat enables tight muscles to begin to relax before the massage even starts.
Designed for all stages of pregnancy the treatment is performed face up at all times, so no need for side lying position, to ensure a thorough massage for the whole body. Massage can be varied in depth to suite your needs. 

Half Body Massage – 40 minute- £30.00 includes back, stomach, arms and face
Full Body Massage – 50 minutes- £44.00
Deep Tissue Massage – 70 minutes – £50.00 


The perfect choice. Reflexology assists in balancing the bodies’ natural energy pathways and in turn balances the bodies’ nine systems. The treatment is extremely relaxing, improves general state of health and is great for both mother and baby. It may assist with indigestion, fatigue; insomnia and back ache to name a few. This specialised pressure point technique is applied to the feet, is simple and non-invasive. Only recommended after the first trimester through to labour – 50 minutes – £38.00 


As your body, mind and lifestyle change you may start to feel out of balance, anxious or unsure of your new path. As your chakra’s energies change it may leave you feeling l out of sorts. Reiki uses healing energy which travels through your therapists hands assisting in the rebalancing of your internal energy systems. This truly amazing treatment must be experienced to believe. It may assist with a variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue just to name a few and is safe for mother and baby throughout and after pregnancy – 50 minutes – £40.00 


At Urban Tonic  we will endeavour to maintain your comfort particularly during the later stages of pregnancy. 


A full body massage will relieve stress on the body, soothe muscle tension and assist with lymph drainage – 55

minutes – £40.00 


A stress relief back massage is the perfect way to relieve lower back, neck and shoulder tension and stress. – 25 minutes – £24.00 


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