Aromatherapy Massage

• Plant oils have been used in therapy and cosmetics for thousands of years with records going back to ancient Egypt. This is not just a ‘beauty treatment’ this is so much more.
• Following a personal  consultation  a customised aromatherapy blend is prepared especially for you. Each essential oil has its own unique healing properties from calming and cleansing to uplifting and energizing.
 The oil is then applied whilst you enjoy a deeply relaxing and soothing massage;
 The combination of massage and the therapeutic qualities of essential oils – breathing in and absorbing through the skin can soothe, revitalise, uplift the spirit, encourage positive thinking and boost the immune system enabling the body to heal itself.

Treatment Costs –
 Stress Relief Back Massage – 25 minutes – £28.00
 Back of Legs, Back, Face and Scalp Massage – 40 minutes – £36.00
 Full Body inc. Face and Scalp – 50 minutes – £44.00
 Deep Tissue Full Body Massage – 70 minutes – £50.00
 Full Body Massage with Reiki 70 minutes – £50.00

** ADD ON OFFER – Add Heated Himalayan Salt Exfoliation for an extra £15

Aromatherapy products

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