Full Leg Wax £20.00
Three Quarter Leg Wax £17.00
Half Leg Wax £14.00
Bikini Wax  £8.00
Brazilian Wax (strip) £16.00
Hollywood Wax (full) £25.00
Under Arm Wax £8.00
Lower Arm Wax £10.00
Full Arm Wax £15.00
Eyebrow Shape £8.00 


Face wax £6.00
Lip Wax £5.00
Chin Wax £5.00
Lip and Chin Wax £8.00



Back Wax £14 to £25
Chest Wax £12 to £20
Eyebrow Tidy  £8.00


Please note hair should be a suitable length for waxing. We advise not shaving for two weeks before your treatment. 

Do not use perfumed products or deodorants, do not swim, use a sunbed or heat treatment for 48 hours after your treatment. If in doubt call in for a pre-treatment consultation.


Lady having legs waxed

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