Eyelash / Eyebrow Tinting

Tints are a great way to enhance and fill your brows giving them shape and definition. Eyelashes also benefit from tints as they look great and ready to go without any mascara. This treatment is especially good for clients who are fair haired.

Treatment Costs –
• Eyelash Tinting – £10.00
• Eyebrow Tinting – £4.50
• Eyebrow/Lash tinting – £12.00
• Eyebrow Shape and Tint – £12.00
• Perfect for that big night out or to complete any look Tonic Brows is a blend of waxing tinting and trimming which is finished off with a powder/wax application to complete the perfect brow. Treated brows last for at least 24 hours – £15.00

***Please note – A patch test required 48 hours before application of any tinting***

Portrait of colorful eyelash extensions


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