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Eyelash Tinting  £10
Eyebrow Tinting  £4.50
Eyebrow/lash Tinting   £12
Eyebrow shape and tint  £12


Please note a patch test is required 48 hours before any tinting treatment. 




At Urban Tonic we offer Nouveau eyelash extensions, market leaders in lash technology, all our staff are professionally trained and experienced. We guarantee the best results for your desired look. 


If your looking for a long term solution opt for a full set that can be topped up and maintained every 2-3 weeks for as little as £15. Alternatively if its more of a one off look try our express lashes for the a full volume look that’s will be removed after 3 weeks and replaced with a new set.



Full Set                   £45

Maintenance              55mins - £30 

                              25 mins – £15


Express Lash- using individual lashes-lashes last approximately 2-3 weeks before being removed, and a new set applied.

No infills required. £25



Extend, Volumise & Lift: EVL Lashes is the latest in eyelash perm treatments – An absolutely ground-breaking eyelash lifting treatment now available at Urban Tonic.

This treatment is carried out on the natural lashes, (no false lashes or extensions). It is designed to give one’s own natural lashes a lift by straightening and lifting simultaneously and,with the added colour boost, you will achieve a stunning ‘open eye’ effect.

An EVL lash treatment takes approximately 45-60 minutes lasting up to six weeks depending on each individual



 For that glamorous touch that will emphasise your eyes. Individual lashes will create and emphasise the natural length and thickness of your own lashes. Great for special occasions. Last 1-3 days


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