Age Defying Facials

Concerned about ageing? Want to turn back the clock? Or maybe just need a quick pick me up – whatever you need Urban Tonic has something for you catering  to all of your skin needs, with top of the range Dermalogica products and innovative facials.

Urban Tonic’s Radio Frequency Facial is at the forefront of facial technology with results that are not only amazing but medically backed. Urban Tonic will be one of a few salons in the West Midlands offering this exciting new treatment.  All staff are specially trained to use this new machine.

Our Non-Surgical facial is one of the most popular facial treatments as it helps lift and tone your skin, especially if you have them as a course treatment over a number of weeks.

Read more on their individual pages and book yourself in to see the results for yourself!

Woman having a facial treatment

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