Hypnotherapy is now available at Urban Tonic with Laura Smith, who has been successfully treating patients with hypnotherapy for over ten years. Laura has a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD, accredited by NFCE) and is registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), which is the UK’s leading non-profit hypnotherapy professional association, representing over 1800 professional hypnotherapists. Laura is fully insured and adheres to a strict code of conduct and ethical guidelines, meaning you can be confident of receiving the highest possible standards of clinical care. Laura also has a BSc in Psychology, with Graduate Basis of Registration for the British Psychological Society and is also qualified to provide advice and guidance, offering tailor made therapeutic
solutions, specific to the patient’s clinical needs. The available treatment packages are below.

Smoke Free

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking. We are bombarded with information and images in the
media, on cigarette packets and in waiting rooms, that smoking is bad for us. So why is it so difficult
to stop? Because most of the methods used, concentrate on the physical aspects of smoking, such as
nicotine replacement. Or, simply rely on willpower alone. Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious part
of the mind and directly addresses the unconscious, where the smoking habit lives. Whilst under
hypnosis, a variety of techniques are employed to reframe thought patterns, changing the way you
think about smoking and therefore eliminating the craving for cigarettes. Hypnotherapy has proven
to be very effective in the treatment of nicotine addiction. Treatment consists of a single therapy
session, with some clients requiring an additional booster session after three to six months.

Cost: £140 – One hour 30 minutes – two hour session
Booster session: £70 (if undertaken within six months of the original session.)


Weight Management Program

Our relationship with food is a complex one. Although we are aware that excess weight can lead to
heart disease, stroke and type II diabetes, obesity continues to rise. Eating a balanced diet and
leading an active lifestyle are essential to maintaining a healthy weight. However, stress and time
constraints, make it all too easy to reach for the convenient, unhealthy alternatives, whilst
neglecting exercise altogether.
Eating habits are often linked to emotions. The Hypnosenses Weight Management Program utilizes a
combination of hypnotherapy and counselling psychology, to identify and work though these
emotions, buried deep in the unconscious mind. Changing the way food and exercise are
represented in the brain, allows you to deal with cravings, make healthier choices and distinguish
between real and emotional hunger. Progress is discussed at the beginning of each session, allowing
the therapy to be adjusted accordingly, to ensure continuing success and address any setbacks that
may arise between sessions. This approach ensures a bespoke therapy package, specifically tailored
to the individual’s clinical needs.
Recommended 4-6 sessions

Cost: £60 (one hour – one hour 30 minute session)
Four sessions: £210 (payment required at first session)
Six sessions: £300 (payment required at first session)


Anxiety and Stress Relief

Experiencing anxiety or stress preceding an important or significant event, such as sitting an exam or
driving test, is completely normal. But for some, anxiety is part of their everyday lives and can lead
to insomnia, difficulty relaxing, irritability and poor physical health.
Hypnotherapy can help you access the calm state of mind needed to overcome the overwhelming
emotions, associated with anxiety. In a safe, supported environment, you will learn how to regain
control and normality in your life, helping you understand what triggers your anxiety and implement
coping strategies, when you start to feel anxious. This treatment can be carried out as a single
session or as a program of 4-6 sessions (recommended). This allows progress to be measured over
time and adjustments to be made, ensuring continued success.

Recommended 4-6 sessions

Cost: £60 (one hour – one hour 30 minute session)
Four sessions: £210 (payment required at first session)
Six sessions: £300 (payment required at first session)


Karma Therapy

Pamper yourself with the Karma Therapy relaxation and wellbeing session. This bespoke therapy,
takes both your mind and your senses on a luxurious journey. Begin by choosing from a range of
aromatherapy oils, to sooth and quieten the mind, before the therapist guides you through a
progressive muscle relaxation, allowing you to enter a “trance” state. Restore balance and bring
harmony back to body and mind, with this deeply indulgent therapy. Spoil the special someone in
your life or simply treat yourself.
Cost: £60 (one hour session)
This treatment is safe during pregnancy.


What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and focused attention that accesses the unconscious part of
the mind. This altered state of consciousness is often referred to as a “trance state”. When in trance,
the unconscious mind is highly suggestible to ideas and beliefs, allowing the hypnotherapist to
eliminate unwanted habits and behaviours and to increase motivation and control.

What happens when I book an appointment?
When you book an appointment, you will be asked to provide details about yourself and what you
are seeking treatment for. Hypnotherapy is a wide area and two people may respond very
differently in trance. There is not a “one size fits all” approach and getting to the root cause of an
unwanted habit or behaviour, ensures a tailor made treatment program.

What happens when I arrive for my session?
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the friendly salon staff and given a contact form to complete. It
is always advisable to arrive 15 minutes early, so that you are not rushing and are fully relaxed, ready
to begin the therapy. You will then be taken to a private room and asked to make yourself
comfortable on the therapy chair. You will then be guided through the hypnotic induction.

Will I be asleep?
No! Hypnosis is not sleep. Trance is an altered state of consciousness, characterised by deep
relaxation and extreme focused attention. You will be aware of your surroundings, although you
may chose not to pay attention to them.

How many sessions will I need?
That depends on what you are seeking treatment for. Smoke Free is carried out in a single session,
lasting between an hour and a half and two hours. Some clients will benefit from a booster session
between two and six months after the original therapy. The Weight Management Program and
Reduce Stress and Anxiety is designed as a course of four to six sessions to achieve the best results
but can also work well as single sessions. A treatment plan will be discussed at the initial session to
decide which is the most suitable for your needs.

What is your cancellation policy?
We recognise that occasionally you may need to cancel an appointment, due to unforeseen
circumstances. We will endeavour to rebook your appointment, where possible. We kindly request
that you give us at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations. This should be done by telephone.
Failure to do so, will result in you being liable to pay the full cost of the session.