Thai Massage

Naud Bo-Ram is the unique traditional massage of Thailand. The movements of gentle rocking, deep stretching and compressions assists in the restructuring of your muscle-skeletal framework. It is a unique form of body therapy incorporating Hatha Yoga, stretching and acupressure.  The massage consists of Sen Energy line work and stretching. The massage improves flexibility, releases tension and helps the body’s natural energy flow more easily. This treatment is performed on a mat on the floor so please wear loose, warm comfortable clothing. No oils are used.

Treatment Costs –
50 minutes –  £44.00
70 minutes –  £48.00

Oriental Oil Massage

Oriental Oil Massage combines the best of Eastern and Western therapies. This unique holistic therapy uses the ancient principles of Balinese, Ayurvedic and Thai massage to reduce muscle tension, improve flexibility and increase the flow of ‘Chi’ energy throughout the body.

Treatment Costs –
70 minutes –  £55.00

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