Corrective/ Sports Massage

This treatment works upon knots and areas of sensitivity within the muscle, ligaments and surrounding tissues.

Treatment Details

Back Manipulation and Remedial Massage
Carried out by Jonathon Edwards Remedial Masseur L.C.S.P.(Assoc). Jon uses skeletal manipulation to help correct general back problems and pain.  Sciatica, wry neck, frozen shoulder, strains, postural problems, joint sprain, and sports injuries can all benefit from this treatment

Corrective Massage
Trigger points are often tender areas causing spasm, referred pain, cramps and increased risk of injury. This treatment is beneficial for all forms of muscular injury and repetitive muscle strain as it assists in the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and prevents injury recurrence. Corrective Massage is recommended for athletes and sportsmen/women and specific muscular problems. – 25 minutes – £30.00

Combined Remedial Manipulation and Corrective Massage
Remedial massage manipulates the skeleton whilst Corrective massage works on the muscles, ligaments and soft tissues. This combination of therapies assists in educating your body to retain correct position and function  – 50 minutes – £50.00

Spine osteoporosis. Spinal cord problems on woman's back