Radio Frequency Facial – Protégé Elite

What is Radio Frequency Facial?

• A clinically proven facial procedure for toning, tightening and improving skin texture. The benefits of Protégé Elite includes rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and improving texture to sagging skin of the eye/brows, jaw line, neck and areas of the body.
• The Protégé Elite delivers consistent and measurable results with superior level of safety for a pain free treatment.
• Using the most sophisticated delivery of RF energy with ground breaking EFC Elite technology that heats your skin and disrupts aged collagen fibres and evokes fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibres.
• Although some results may be seen after one treatment for the full benefits we advise a course of five sessions. Four treatments weekly or fortnightly is recommended followed by a booster session after a 12 week period.

Treatment Details

Full Face and Neck 
• Working on forehead, eyes, mouth, jowls and neck.
• Each session lasts 80 minutes.

Treatment Costs –
Course of 5 sessions – £600.00
Individual treatment – £150.00

Full Face
• Forehead to jaw line
• Each session lasts 60 minutes

Treatment Costs –
Course of 5 sessions – £480.00
Individual treatment – £120.00

Half Face
• Working on essential areas such as eyes and forehead or lips, chin and jaw.
• Each session lasts 40 minutes

Treatment Costs –
Course of 5 sessions – £300.00
Individual treatment – £75.00

Individual Body Treatment
• Arms, buttocks, stomach, thighs or chest.
• Each session lasts 60 minutes.

Treatment Costs –
Course of 5 sessions – £480.00
Individual treatment – £120.00

Deluxe Booster Package
• This treatment has been designed due to popular demand for maximum results.
• The package consists of four non-surgical facelifts to lift and tone facial muscles followed by a Radio Frequency booster treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.
• We recommend a non-surgical treatment per month for four months followed by a Radio Frequency booster treatment in the fifth month.
• Each session lasts 60 minutes.

Treatment Costs –
Complete package – £230.00


‘After the treatment I felt great. I felt I looked better and the change was noticed by friends and family. I really liked that the change was nice and subtle and left me still looking nice and natural’


‘I felt the treatment worked for me. Need to have the full course to get the full benefit. Change was very natural looking. Was nice that when I met people I hadn’t seen for a while they all noticed the difference’


‘I absolutely loved my RF facial and felt fantastic at the end of the treatment. My skin looked bright and clear. Lots of people noticed and a number were so impressed with the change they thought I’d had a facelift. The before and after care was fantastic and I can’t speak highly enough of the therapist. I can’t recommend this treatment enough’.


‘Good experience. I noticed the difference straight away after the first treatment and the difference improved as the course progressed. It was also really pleasing that other people noticed the change in me too’.


‘This was the first time I had ever booked a treatment like this and the whole RF Facial experience was very positive and made a huge impact on me. I could see the difference it made very quickly and my skin became much clearer. Other people noticed the difference and one person even commented that I looked like a new woman. Fantastic care from Julia. I would give her 15 out of 10’.


Therapist excellent very professional explained how it worked etc. and would recommend to others. Noticed sagging on the jaw line which went away and still hasn’t come back. People said I looked well nobody said have you had a face lift or anything.