Non Surgical Facelift

Bio Ultimate Platinum
 By utilising state of the art technology, the Bio Ultimate Platinum will aid in reducing the signs of ageing.
 Aimed at all age groups this extraordinary facial will visibly reduce the signs of ageing by lifting and toning sagging muscles and relaxing tightened muscles in expression areas.
 By stimulating collagen and elastin production fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone are targeted. The skin is rejuvenated and muscle tone is increased achieving a firmer, revitalised appearance.
 Recommended treatment  is two to three sessions per week.

Treatment Details

Face and Neck Treatment

Treatment Costs –
Course of 10 treatments – £300.00
Course of 5 treatments – £170.00
40 minutes – £38.00

Eye Treatment
By concentrating on specific areas the treatment assists in lifting and firming the contours of the eye, and at the same time helps to eliminate puffiness and dark circles.  This treatment increases hydration to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. – 30 minutes –  £28.00. A recommended a course of 5 treatments – £125.00

Combination Treatments

High Impact 
This treatment combines Dermalogica’s most advanced anti-ageing ingredient technology with Bio-Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift and targets specific anti-ageing concerns and offers amazing results. –  80 minutes – £58.00

Radio Frequency Deluxe Booster Package
Consisting of four non-surgical facelifts that lift and tone facial muscles and one Radio Frequency booster treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Each session lasts 60 minutes and it is recommended you have one non-surgical treatment per month for four months followed by one Radio Frequency booster treatment at month five. – Complete package – £230.00