At Urban Tonic we offer a wide range of nails using Morgan Taylor Traditional Nail Varnish and Artistic Gel Colours. With over 100 colours in stock you’ll be stuck for choice.  We guarantee our gel polish for 10 days, with no removal costs your invited to book in for your soak off to ensure maintenance of the nail plate.


Choose from-

Nail and hand maintenance treatment including exfoliation of the hands to remove dry and dull skin, hand massage to soothe, cuticle work and nail shaping. Complete your treatment with a Nailtiques clear nail treatment specific to your nails needs.

Or a quick and easy 20 minute file and polish including treatment includes cuticle tidy.

Morgan Taylor Nail Varnish £15        Artistic Gel £22


Renew and refresh your hands. This treatment includes hand exfoliation to remove dulling dead skin, massage to soothe muscles and joints of the hand, cuticle tidy, nail shaping and polish or gel to finish

Morgan Taylor Nail Varnish £20        Artistic Gel £24


This bespoke nail therapy takes your senses on a journey. Begin by choosing from a range of Aromatherapy oils to suit your mood, lie on a heated bed with colour therapy lights, Aromatherapy scents and soothing music. The treatment starts with a hand and arm exfoliation before indulging in a moisturising mask treatment. While you relax in our thermoheat mitts lie back and de-stress with a scalp and face touch therapy before enjoying a luxury massage to the hands and arm. Complete your look with cuticle tidy, file and polish to finish

Morgan Taylor Nail Varnish £26                        Artistic Gel £30


Add nail art or diamantes to any manicure for as little as £2. Ask your nail tech for a quote.


An intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating or on top of the natural nail. It targets natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long

IBX is used to treat particularly weak, thin, and damaged nails, used as a complete protective shield under Gel Polish or for specific damage repair for natural nails which do not grow, peel or are weak

How does it work?
The IBX System uses infrared and LED light to help penetrate a blend of jojoba and avocado oil plus toughening agents deep into the nail, where it forms an ‘interpenetrating polymer network’ that fuses the nails’ top layers together with little flexible polymer links. The IBX formula then locks itself within the nail plate making it a permanent addition that will never need removal.

The result? Moisture is locked in. Nails are strengthened. Peeling stops, splitting stops and white spots disappear.
This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services. IBX is a new kind of service offering professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability, starting from the inside out.

Benefits of the IBX system: As a nail growth treatment

  • Repair of severe nail damage
  • Toughens the nail plate to allow growth
  • Smooths the nail plate
  • Improves natural nail colour and appearance
  • Reduction of “white spots”

Recommended treatment schedule:

Weekly for:

  • Damaged, peeling and weak nails
  • Severely ridged and brittle nails
  • Post acrylic

Every two weeks for:

  • Nails that are improving
  • Difficulty with nail growth
  • Heavily grooved nails

IBX Treatment Nail repair treatment – £20

or add to any nail service for only – £10.